Who Owns OVO Clothing?

Who Owns OVO Clothing?

October’s Very Own (OVO) is a Canadian manufacturer synonymous with streetwear and luxurious fashion. Co-founded utilizing the globally acclaimed rapper Drake, alongside his longtime buddies and collaborators Noah “40” Shebib and Oliver El-Khatib, OVO Clothing has grown from a modest file label into a multifaceted lifestyle brand. The manufacturer encompasses music, fashion, and a special cultural motion that resonates deeply with its fanbase.

The Founders OVO Clothing:

Drake – Aubrey Drake Graham, regarded internationally definitely as Drake, is no longer simply a musical icon but a cultural phenomenon. His impact stretches a long way beyond music, impacting fashion, sports, and even the enterprise world. Drake’s imaginative and prescient movie star repute has been pivotal in propelling OVO to global fame.

Noah “40” Shebib – An imperative section of Drake’s musical success, forty is a producer and sound engineer whose awesome manufacturing style has helped outline Drake’s sound. His contributions to OVO are both innovative and technical, making sure of the brand’s excessive standards in every release.

Oliver El-Khatib – Often viewed as the mastermind in the back of OVO’s company identity, Oliver’s eager feel of fashion and enterprise acumen have been indispensable in shaping OVO’s aesthetic and market strategy. He oversees the innovative path and ensures that each piece launched below the OVO banner aligns with their vision.

Latest Collections OVO Clothing:

OVO persistently releases collections that combine luxury with streetwear, shooting the essence of modern-day trend trends. Here are some highlights from their state-of-the-art collections:

Spring/Summer Collection 2024:

This series elements a variety of lightweight, breathable fabrics ideal for the hotter months. Key portions include:

OVO Tracksuits: Made from top-rate cotton blends, these tracksuits provide relief and style, best for informal put-on or travel.

Graphic Tees: Featuring bold, different designs and the iconic OVO owl logo, these tees are announcement portions that can be paired with something from denim to OVO Shorts.

Caps and Hats: With a range of snapbacks, dad OVO hats, and bucket hats, OVO ensures you can pinnacle off your appearance with a contact of flair.

Fall/Winter Collection 2024:

This series is characterized by way of its emphasis on layering and warmness besides compromising on style. Highlights include:

Puffer Jackets: Available in a number of colorings and styles, OVO Jacket mixes performance with a sleek, city aesthetic.

Hoodies and OVO Sweatshirts: These come in a number of designs, providing minimalistic and daring graphics, ideal for the less warm months.

Beanies and Scarves: Essential iciness accessories, crafted with tremendous substances to grant each heat and contact of luxury.

Trendy Pieces:

OVO is regarded for producing portions that rapidly turn out to be must-haves in the streetwear community. Some of the trendiest objects presently include:

The OVO Owl Hoodie – A staple in any fan’s wardrobe, this OVO Hoodie is famous for its alleviation and iconic design. The owl logo, regularly rendered in steel gold or white, is instantly recognizable.

OVO x NBA Collaboration – A sequence of limited-edition portions celebrating Drake’s love for basketball and his involvement with the Toronto Raptors. These encompass jerseys, jackets, and add-ons embellished with crew emblems and OVO NBA branding.

Varsity Jackets – Combining traditional collegiate fashion with contemporary streetwear influences, these jackets have characteristic top-rate substances and special embroidery, making them standout portions in any collection.

Styling Tips:

To make the most of your OVO wardrobe, right here are some styling pointers that will make sure you seem easily cool:

Layering – Combine OVO hoodies and jackets for an elegant layered look. Pair a lightweight hoodie with a puffer jacket for heat barring bulk.

Accessorize – Use OVO’s variety of hats, beanies, and scarves to add an ending contact to your outfit. These add-ons now not solely furnish realistic advantages but additionally raise your basic look.

Mix and Match – Don’t be afraid to combine special OVO portions with different brands. A photo tee from OVO can be paired with fashion designer types of denim or even tailor-made trousers for a high-low combination that’s both fashionable and versatile.

Sneaker Pairing – OVO’s collections regularly consist of limited-edition sneakers or collaborations with primary manufacturers like Nike. Pairing these one-of-a-kind sneakers with OVO’s garb ensures a cohesive and ultra-modern look.


Who owns OVO Clothing?

OVO Clothing is co-owned by Drake, Noah “40” Shebib, and Oliver El-Khatib. They at the same time oversee the brand’s innovative and enterprise operations.

Where can I purchase OVO Clothing?

OVO Clothing is accessible at their legit online keep (, OVO flagship shops in cities like Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, and London, and choose high-end outlets worldwide.

How frequently does OVO launch new collections?

OVO usually releases seasonal collections twice a year, alongside several limited-edition drops and collaborations at some stage in the year.

Are OVO merchandise-constrained editions?

Many OVO merchandise are launched in restricted quantities, particularly their collaborative portions and distinct drops. This exclusivity frequently makes them particularly sought after.

What is the rate of OVO Clothing?

OVO Clothing levels from around $40 for add-ons like hats and beanies to various hundred bucks for top-class outerwear and limited-edition items.

Is OVO Clothing authentic to size?

OVO Clothing normally runs real to size, however, it’s usually encouraged to take a look at the precise sizing chart furnished for every object on their internet site to make sure of an ideal fit.

Does OVO ship internationally?

Yes, OVO ships to many nations around the world. Shipping selections and costs differ based totally on the destination.

Can I return or change OVO products?

OVO has a return and change coverage that lets clients return objects inside a certain length if they are in new and unused condition. Details can be discovered on their legitimate website.

Are there any specific care directions for OVO Clothing?

Most OVO portions come with care guidelines on the label. It’s normally encouraged to observe these directions cautiously to keep the excellent and sturdiness of the garment.


OVO Clothing represents greater than simply fashion; it’s a lifestyle company that displays the special cultural imprint of its founders. With its roots in tune and a sturdy impact from the streetwear scene, OVO continues to captivate followers globally with its progressive designs and remarkable products. Whether you’re a long-time supporter or new to the brand, OVO’s collections provide something for everyone, mixing luxury with daily put-on in a way that’s elegant and accessible.

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